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Agenda Item Summary

Ordinance # / Resolution #: Ordinance 2024-1900
Contact Person / Sponsor: A. Hardin / Planning
Department: Planning
Date Requested to be on Agenda: 3/25/2024
Council Action Requested:

Hold Public Hearing and approve 1st Reading of the Ordinance approving the Lancaster 2040 Comprehensive Plan.

Strategic Plan Focus Area Alignment:

Quality Development

Consider the adoption of the County's Comprehensive Plan and implement the approved recommendations.
Points to Consider:

Current Draft available for review at

(which is Exhibit A to Ordinance 2024-1900).


The Planning Commission recommended approval at a special meeting held February 15, 2024.  Amendments requested by the Planning Commission are outlined in the attached slide presentation.

Funding and Liability Factors:

The Comprehensive Plan was funded in last year's budget.


State law citations:

1)     The General Assembly of South Carolina enacted in 1994 an amendment to the Code of Laws of South Carolina by adding Chapter 29 to Title 6, “South Carolina Local Government Comprehensive Planning Enabling Act of 1994” (the Planning Enabling Act), and repealing all previously enacted planning Acts and Codes.


2)     The Planning Enabling Act requires that the local planning commission develop and maintain a planning process which will result in the systematic preparation and continued reevaluation and updating of those elements considered critical, necessary, and desirable to guide the development and redevelopment of its area of jurisdiction.


3)     The planning process shall include the development of a Comprehensive Plan which shall consist of a population element, an economic element, a natural resource element, a cultural resource element, a community facilities element, a housing element, a land use element, a transportation element, a priority investment element, and, as added in 2023, a resiliency element.


4)   The Planning Enabling Act requires Lancaster County to review the Comprehensive Plan or elements of the Comprehensive Plan on a five-year schedule and update the entire Comprehensive Plan at least every ten years; the last plan was adopted in 2014 and covered land use and growth until 2024.


Deliberate the changes and additions requested by the Planning Commission, make any additional changes Council agrees upon, and then chose one of the following:


- Approve first reading of the document with all changes requested by the Planning Commission and all changes Council agrees upon.

- Approve first reading of the document with selected changes requested by the Planning Commission and all changes Council agrees upon.

- Approve the document as-is for first reading.

DescriptionUpload DateType
Ordinance 2024-19003/21/2024Ordinance
Changes and Proposed Amendments3/21/2024Presentation
Public Hearing Notice for Resolution 1258-R20243/6/2024Public Hearing Notices