Board of Zoning Appeals Members

District 1:  Beverly Williams

District 2:  Kemesha Lowery

District 3:  Keye Jones

District 4:  Gary Alden

District 5:  Sheresa Ingram

District 6: 

District 7:  Frances Liu, Chair

Lancaster County Logo

County Attorney

Ginny L. Merck-Dupont


Clerk to Board of Zoning Appeals

Jennifer Bryan


Development Services Director

Allison Hardin

November 30, 20236:00 PM

101 North Main Street

Lancaster, SC 29720



Council Chambers, Lancaster County Administration Building, 101 N. Main Street


Amended AGENDA

1.Call to Order Regular Meeting - Chair
2.Roll Call
3.Approval of the Agenda - Board of Zoning Appeals
4.Approval of Minutes
a.August 29, 2023 BZA Minutes
Contact/Sponsor:  J. Bryan
b.October 3, 2023 Minutes
5.Public Hearing Items
a.VAR-2023-1769 Faith Presbyterian

Application by Janis Tacy on behalf of Faith Presbyterian Church for a Variance  from Unified Development Ordinance   Sec. 2.4 District Development Standards: Setbacks, for 6.5 acre parcel at  location 7520 Charlotte Highway, Indian Land (TM# 0016-00-031.00). Zoned Institutional (INS) District.

b.Executive Session

Receipt of legal advice subject to the attorney-client privilege related to pending public hearing, VAR-2023-1769 Faith Presbyterian for variance from Unified Development Ordinance Sec. 2.4 District Development Standards: Setbacks, for 6.5 acre parcel at location 7520 Charlotte Highway, Indian Land (TM#0016-00-031.00), Zoned Institutional (INS) District. 

6.New Business

 Please note that the Board of Zoning Appeals makes the final decision on all items.


Anyone requiring special services to attend this meeting should contact 285-1565 at least 24 hours in advance of this meeting. Lancaster County Board of Zoning Appeals agendas are posted at the Lancaster County Administration Building and are available on the Website:

Meetings are live streamed and can be found by using the following link: